Thursday, August 9, 2012

I'm Back!: First Summer Project

It's been pretty quiet here on this blog, sorry for the lack of updates! Summer seems to fill up so quickly, with family visiting, work and trips to the shore (of course!) and I haven't been able to take five minutes to update. I have been working on a couple of projects though that I will retrospectively post here.
The first project that I finally finished this summer was a tattoo design I did for one of my friends. Sunflowers are her favorite flower so of course they are the star of the tattoo. She has a degree in biology so asked that one of her favorite things, caffeine, be included as a molecule in the design. This is what I came up with for her.
I first sketched a bunch of ideas and this is the one we decided to go ahead with. First, I painted it with gouache, but did it again in illustrator to get a cleaner effect. She seemed to be pretty happy with the result so I am glad. I have never designed a tattoo before so it was a challenge for me, but I was very excited to do it. What do you think?
There are some other things I have been working on but they will have to wait for another time to be posted here. I feel like I haven't been in my studio in a long time, and I am itching to get back to painting! No worries though, I will get back to updating again regularly.
I hope everyone is enjoying the hot summer weather!

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